Amazon Favorite | Loungefly Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Sweets Ice Cream Backpack

This bag has to be one of the best items I have purchased from Amazon and now I see they have the matching wallet that I may need to get to complete the set. I started out my collection of these bags with the Minnie silver sequins backpack, but they were no longer selling it on Amazon. I am thinking the silver sequins backpack was purchased from eBay but did get the silver sequins wallet and gold sequins Minnie Backpack from Amazon which I will also link below. Sometimes with Amazon items may be unavailable but if you keep checking back they might do a restock. I waited months for the silver sequins backpack to be back in stock but I had no luck and went searching other places. The Sweets Ice Cream backpack is such a fun bag that makes me want to book a special trip to Disney and wear it proudly. This has over 300 reviews on Amazon and I give it 5 out 5 CUPCAKES or ICE CREAM CONES :)!

Amazon links:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Sweets Ice Cream Backpack

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Sweets Flap Wallet

Alternate Disney Ice Cream Die Cut Wallet

Disney Minnie Mouse Silver Sequin Wallet

The Limited Edition Gold bag has been removed 🙁

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