Amazon Favorite | Tila Chevron Arrow Set Bracelet

I have seen this style bracelet one day strolling through Tik Tok, this lady was wearing one that was in an orange theme. Went to Amazon and did a search tyring mulitple words and chevron pulled this one up and some others that were slighlty different styles. This one was the closest to what I had seen on Tik Tok, after searching many pages. I also did a google search as well and many came up on Etsy, if you want to check out that platform as well. The colors of this one really caught my eye and the reviews were mostly 5 stars so took the chance. Very happy with the purchase, it is very well made and I wish they had other color options. This Bracelet is $12.69 (Amazon prices do change). With over 190 reviews on Amazon, I give it 5 out 5 CUPCAKES!

Amazon link:

Chevron Arrow Bracelet

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