Amazon Favorite | Desktop Clear Whiteboard Acrylic Memo Tablet 10 x 10 Inch Dry Erase Board with Stand

I wanted to create a mini dream board and not get the typical whiteboard or use cardboard so Amazon was my best option to search for what my mind was envisioning. Knew I wanted an acrylic board but nothing too big so that it could be placed in my work area and be viewable every day, but out of the way. Did some searching when coming across this one which was the best choice for me. This stand is perfect and I love the way my mini dream board turned out. Didn’t want to share the dream board after I was done creating it because it is personal. Even if you didn’t want to use this as a dream board it’s also great for what it is intended for and if I ever want to remove my personal creation, using it as a dry erase board will come in handy. This tablet comes with a little stand that is giving you two options to adjust the way you want the board to be displayed. The markers are not the best but they are useable and the little bone eraser was a great addition which I use on other boards around my work area. Not many reviews but for the size and price it was a chance I was willing to take and was not disappointed. If you are looking for something with a little more reviews I will leave that option below that has over 50 reviews with more than one option at a great price point. I honestly would have gone with that option if I had seen it but am very happy with my choice. Oh, there is a plastic film on the board and stand which is easily removable, so when you get it don’t worry this is just placed on it to protect the acrylic.

I give it 5 out of 5 CUPCAKES! 🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁

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Acrylic Memo Tablet 10 x 10 Inch Dry Erase Board with Stand Desktop Clear

Alternative Tablet 10 x 10 Inch

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