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Hello Sweeties,

It has been way tooooo long… I just want to talk about some changes will be making.

Let me start off by saying the reason why I started this blog and my YouTube channel was to make money and do something I love. As time went on other dreams and passions emerged.

Cupkake In Pumps started off as a website for Fashion, Makeup, DIY and some inspiration.  But then I just got super crazy busy and the blog was just tossed aside like some used up makeup.  I will in the future be talking about what I have been doing that has been keeping me busy.

Cupkake In Pumps now will cater more to where I am at in my life. I have faced a lot of challenges in my life and people always tell me that I am so positive for what I have be through. I no longer want to be ashamed or scared to share my story.

And of course there will still be Fashion, DIY and Makeup!!!

“Don’t be ashamed of YOUR story, It will INSPIRE others”

Dont be ashamed


Stay Sweet Cupkake

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