Flower Argento!

Flower Argento

This outfit give you a soft, fresh and colorful look for the spring and summer.

Where to get these pieces:

Flower Print Maxi Dress - Joelle


Topshop 'Robyn' Open Toe Sandal, 4 3/4" heel


Fringe Clutch - Bebe

$79  $47.40

Kendra Scott Jewelry Women's Morgan Earrings - White

$55  $35

Womens Sun Hat Argento


This would be so easy to make and can save you money! Buy the hat and some jewelry from Forever 21 or anyplace you can find jewelry for cheaper and place the jewelry on the hat…

Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Limited Edition Rouge Pur Couture Collector


Same with the lipstick, there has to be a dupe for this, if not a similar color. That is if you don’t want to spend $37.00 on it, also it is a limited edition.

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