From Straight To Curly With A Flat Iron

ever had your hair curled with a flat iron at the salon, but never managed to do it at home? instead of heading to a professional, now you can recreate this look by watching my video below.

if it doesn’t look amazing on the first try, just keep practicing!

here are some tips:

hair must be at least shoulder length in order to effectively curl hair with flat iron.
do not wash hair directly before styling hair. hair produces natural oils that help styling last longer. if you need to wash your hair, do so the night before you plan to curl your hair.
do not straighten your hair before beginning. the curls will not hold.

ideal temperatures:
• curly hair = 380-430°
• wavy hair = 360-380°
• straight hair = 200-360°

if you want to see how i curl my hair with a flat iron click the video below:

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