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Chonita (Do Dream On) and I will be reviewing #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso!

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Life works in such a funny way… I actually heard of Nasty Gal before on Pinterest and heard about the book on You tube, but it didn’t really click until Chonita told me to get it… THEN I told myself “Yea I want to read this book”

I guess I was just destined to read this book.

Even though this book is about Sophia Amoruso becoming a millionaire in the online fashion retail world , it will still ignite something deep down inside to get your butt off the coach and go chase your dream.

While reading this book, I was amazed at how much I was like Sophia. I texted Chonita and told my husband, wow everything she is talking about I have been through similar situations. It got me thinking… I really am a Girl Boss and this book just had to remind me.

I don’t want to give to much away from the book because I want you guys to read it. But just like the Girl Boss of Nasty Gal, I couldn’t keep a job… I have had over 20 different jobs, maybe more. You name it, I probably worked there. But at the time what I didn’t know and either did my parents, is that this would mold me into the person I would become. That I knew I had to be my own Boss, work my own hours and most important do what I LOVE.

While reading this book it just made me realize that I am heading in the right direction and even had me think of even more ideas to grow my dream. This book made me ever more passionate about my goals and where I want to be in my life.

Sophia started from the bottom, from eating out of dumpsters to sleeping on friends coaches. She became a millionaire, with a passion she had for thrift shopping. By working hard and never giving up she was able to become a #GirlBoss.

As a previous business owner with employees, yea the storefront and all. I have to say Sophia gives great advice on how to handle your employees. So make sure you don’t skip that chapter!

Also throughout the book there are inserts from different Girl Bosses from all over, that I really enjoyed reading. Some had there websites on there and you bet I went and visited those sites. Its always great to see the talent that is out there and what other Girl Bosses are doing. On a side note: Us Girl Bosses should always support each other!

I would recommend this book to EVERYONE! If you have a Dream, why wait for someone to give it to you. Take all that you are passionate about and build an empire. No it won’t always be easy, but if it was, everyone would be doing it. Be that 1%, drop your own jaw. So whatever it is, start now… right now! Well after you finishing reading this… of course.

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Thank you guys for taking the time to read this review, please let me know what you think of the book.

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