Happy New Year! XOXO Cupkake In Pumps

Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015!

Happy New Year 2015

When I look back at 2014, I have no regrets, it was a really great year!  2014 was a year of really getting to know myself, building my ladder to success and becoming a better friend, wife and daughter.  I’ve always tried to stay positive, but there were times in my life when fear made a home in my head. 2014 has taught me that, I no longer have to fear anything.

Words said by the great Les Brown

Failure is not a destination; it’s an invitation to unforeseen victories. Someone once said that a person that has never failed, has never done anything. Make failure your vitamin. When you fall, especially when it hurts, be willing to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back in the game. You aren’t competing against anyone, not even yourself. Life isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Are you in it to win it?

Reject your fears. Fear is just an emotion, nothing more. It can’t hurt you, but it can stop you from achieving your goals if you let it. Face your fears head on instead. Embrace each moment that you feel you “blew it.” Remember, it’s just a memory. The past only exists in your mind. You have the absolute power to release it. There is a fundamental difference between failure and temporary defeat. You haven’t failed. You’ve merely graduated into a brand new opportunity to manifest your Greatness. Be willing to fail your way to success!

When looking back at my life, I amazed that everything I’ve been through has brought me to where I need to be.   All my failures have built up my strength to conquer my goals in 2015. Like ET the hip hop preachers says, “I want to succeed as bad as I want to breathe“.  As long as I keep breathing I will keep climbing my ladder to the top and beyond.

This year there will be no resolutions, instead I am just going to do it. I am not going to talk about what I am going to do…. I AM JUST GOING TO DO IT! Actions always speak louder than words. “Don’t believe what you say, Believe what you DO!

I want to say THANKS to you guys for visiting my blog. Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit me. I know you have many choices and I am forever grateful! THANKS AND A BIG CHEERS TO YOU GUYS! HAPPY 2015. Let’s all make it a GREAT YEAR!

To the Hubs: Everything you wanted, you got! Everything you envisioned and put out into the universe, made your Dreams come true.  You inspire me to stay positive, to never ever give up and to be a good person! I am so proud of you and all I have to say is 2015 has to watch out for you!

To Bonita: My Dreamer, 2015 is your year! Don’t let anyone be a distraction, you have a gift and I know great things are ahead for you. Thanks for inspiring me with your daily quotes, your big extra spirit and your ability to keep on smiling no matter what! Lets get it 2015 #GirlBosses

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