Mini Haul

mini haul (2)

i know i have been gone for way too long, but i am back today with a mini haul, this will be my ignition to uploading more videos for you guys.

today i just wanted to show you a few items i had picked for my vacation that i will not be taking now due to the government shut down.  out of all the 800,00  furloughed employees, my husband was not included and he was told he had to stay and work for free because he is  something (“very important” – is what i call him).  i don’t want to even head down that topic of discussion, non-refundable tickets, plans and arrangements all screwed up because congress want to be elementary students again.

anyways……back to the story!

it is always nice to have a few new items when you travel or maybe a whole new wardrobe, i had plans for several shopping trips during our vacation.  i was even bringing an empty suit case that hubby didn’t know about to fill during our trip.

so let me show you what i got!




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