My Chamilia Charm Bracelet!

For the longest time I have wanted a charm bracelet….

There is something about those little charms that can have so much meaning, that when you where them, it reminds you of a special moments in your life.  Most of the time we capture these moments by taking photos or recording a video, but what about a daily reminder that is around your wrist.  That to me is so special!

Ever since my brother in law bought his girlfriend a Pandora bracelet, this just lit a fire in me to have one of my own.  It was just so cute, that it had woken up that feeling of wanting one for so long.

Here it is:


But here is the thing…. I was on the hunt for the perfect charm , which happens to be a cupcake.  I searched everywhere, just not finding the right one.  Searching Google, I typed cupcake charm which led me to Tiffany’s, and boy was I in for a shock when seeing that price.  Not going to lie I was little upset because the charm was so beautiful, but was I really ready to just sacrifice my hard earned money on a $250 charm… (and that is just for the charm, you still have to buy the bracelet)…  Nope sure wasn’t, so the searched continued and I went straight to the Pandora site (side note: is the radio site… It is  I just decided to type Cupcake in the search bar provided on there site.  It really wasn’t that cute… I decided to look through some other charms and I have to say even though Pandora has nice stuff, it just wasn’t meant to be.  Back to Google, clicking every link and BOOM, one takes me to

This is when things got real!

You know I went straight to there search bar typed in cupcake and not one but two popped up.  The cutest charms with the best prices I had seen so far!


Cupcake Beads (1) Cupcake Beads (2)

I love them both, but the Heart Cupcake was the one!

About the Heart Cupcake Charm:
$ 55.00

Material: Crystals and Stones, Rose Gold

Decadent, delectable and simply darling! The Love is Sweet cupcake bead is lined with dazzling Crystal Swarovski and topped with a heart in rose gold wash.

So of course I showed my husband and just wouldn’t stop talking about it, so he said buy it.  But the  thing is, sometimes I feel guilty when spending money on myself, so I told him…. ‘I would just wait‘.  He said ‘Why not, you deserve it‘, so he went to the site and clicked the Cupcake Charm with the Brilliance Bangle in the cart and showed me.

The Bangle Bracelet


$ 65.00

Material: Crystals and Stones, Sterling Silver

With an oval shape and the Chamilia “C” logo in Swarovski Pure brilliance Zirconia, the Brilliance Bangle combines beautiful detail with wearability. Wear alone or stack up your wrist. Discover the dazzling new take on a classic bangle.

I was beyondddddddd excited!

Like when does it come!!! I was hoping the next day…. crickets.

The only complaint I have is the shipping took a long time, I kept checking everyday.  Then the day the UPS was out for delivery, I really think I was last person he delivered to (hit my door at 6, but to be fair it did say end of business day).   Patience is not my virtue.  But when he rang that doorbell and Toni ran to the door barking all crazy, my heart was pounding.  Hubby was like let the dog smell it, but deep down I was like forget her, but she sniffed it anyway.  Finally opening the box, which was so nicely wrapped up I might add, was like Christmas morning for me.  The Bracelet and Charm were beautiful and worth the wait.  It did take us like 20 minutes to figure out how to open the Bracelet.  LOL They should send a DVD, so you can go to Charm school.  After finally opening it up and putting the charm on, I was beyond impressed with the quality and how it fits.  The only thing is the Cupcake slides all around it, so I need to get some locks.  At the time I didn’t know what they were, but now that I do I would like a few.  I almost forgot to type this, at the bottom of the Cupcake is says ‘You’re Sweet’, made me love it even more!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to fill this Bracelet up with so many more memories and take you guys on this journey with me!

Before buying yours, make sure to see if they are running any specials, so you can get a better deal.   Hubby got free shipping, a gift bag and a card with mine.


Rich and rare were the gems she wore, And a bright gold ring on her hand she bore” ~ Thomas Moore

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