Salma Hayek ~ Nuance Beautifiul Blends Eye Quad (Neutral)

i love when my husband says he is going to cvs, which translates to me as “you can go and buy new makeup“.

this time my husband decided he wanted to pick something out for me, while i waited in the car putting my complete trust in him.  (why do i wait in the car you might ask?  we have a yorkie that has separation anxiety and has to always have someone she knows around or she turns into a loud bark-a-holic),

but anyway,

he bought me this nuance beautiful blends eye quad by salma hayek, which i have been wanting to buy but wasn’t sure if i wanted to spend $10.00 on it.

here is what they look like on me, and i must say – hubby did a good job!

nuance salma hayek 2

get this look:


1. pat champagne gold onto your lid.
2.blend toasted almond into your crease, blending well for a natural look (make sure you apply little on your brush, you don’t want the shadow to overpower the other ones)
3. pat shimmering bronze onto the outer corner, then blend slightly through your crease over toasted almond.
4.apply frosted blush to the brown bone and inner corner of your eye to make everything pop.
5. use any black eyeshadow ( i used crave from my naked basics palette)and apply as an eyeliner to your upper lid.
6. your favorite eyeliner to your waterline and mascara.

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