Save a Ton Of Money: How to Create Fab Wedding Centerpieces

having a wedding can be quite expensive, but when you have a budget every penny counts. i stressed about the centerpieces because i had no idea what i wanted and i didn’t want flower arrangement that would just die in a few days.


my hubby and i (which he was a huge part of the planning ) decided to go to the dollar tree and bam!!!! our centerpieces were born!!

wedding colors purple and silver!

below are the supplies we used to create the centerpieces:

first i took the ribbon and glued it to the vase which was $1.00 (13 were purchased at the dollar tree) and the ribbon was on sale for $1.79 (3 were purchased). i also made the bows separately and used the silver ribbon (1 was purchased which was $1.00 at the dollar tree) to wrap around around the bow, then i super glued that to the ribbon on the vase.:

btw, i loved this ribbon so much when i used it for my mirror i updated, plus it matched my wedding colors, so i just knew it was meant to be, you can check that out here!

next we glued two candlesticks for $1.00 (22 were purchased  at the dollar tree) together so that we could have a lot of height/dramatics to the vases, this allowed the vases to tower over the wine bottles we placed on the  tables for decoration and gifts.

since i decided not to have flowers, i got lucky when i found these floating flower candles .50 (7 were purchased  at the dollar silver)  and of course i didn’t have to do anything but just add water and put the flower in there.

i also have to say i got lucky not only because they were shaped like a flower but that they were cheap and were not easy to find.

fyi, if you were wondering what kind of glue was used for the candlesticks it is in the picture below:

finally when my hubby finished the gluing (yes i said we before – but he did this all by himself), the centerpieces were created:

i also wanted to add two additional candles for $1.00  (24 were purchased from micheal’s) to the table, along with a   different purple ribbon 1.39 (2 were purchased from micheal’s) to add some more color to the table.

the wine bottle were a gift from my dad so there wasn’t an extra cost for them, the labels were created by me click here to check out the labels

finally the wedding reception:

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