Unboxing and Testing My NEW Shark Rocket with DuoClean Technology

The Shark Rocket

Is so versatile! It vacuums carpets, hard wood floors, molding as so much more while getting a deep clean. My favorite part is the suction on this Shark because of how powerful it is. The Shark creators of the Rocket thought of everything you need while making the vacuum lightweight for easier usage. Vacuuming will no longer be a chore! Per the manufacturer: The dirt that gathers on floors and in carpets comes in three sizes – large, small, and stuck-on. Cleaning all three can be a real challenge for an ordinary vacuum. With Triple Particle Cleaning, there’s no need to rely on dust-mops and brooms to get the dirt left behind.

So sorry for the video quality and sound, still learning the Go Pro 5.

Shark Vaccumtn




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