BH Cosmetics Haul!

hello sweeties!

i finally made my first purchase at bh cosmetics!!!


there a few things for myself and a few things for my bestie, chonita @dodreamon (12 pcs pink brush set, bh makeup remover towelettes, 120 color eyeshadow palette 5th edition).  hope you do many tutorials with yours!!!!!!

hit play below to see what i got, then scroll down to see the swatches:

the bh makeup remover towelettes are okay, nothing really to get excited about and the eye & lip makeup remover works well.  i would like to use it a few more times to really know if i would want to purchase it again.

i really do like the forever nude makeup palette, so you will definitely see a eye tutorial soon.  the duo blush palette is great as well, so using them looks like it will be a bunch of fun.

on to the swatches:

forever nude makeup palette

fn 3

the only color i don’t care for in the palette is the highlighter, everything else is gorgeous!



bh duo blush palette:

bh duo blush

use these as a blush and bronzer duo, blend them together or even mix and match. just do you and get creative!!!

bh duo blush palette


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  1. says: Chonita

    LOVED the Haul and THANK YOU FOR THE GIFTS YOU ARE AMAZING! You SPOIL ME! Beautiful swatches! and I LOVE the makeup and primer (not on video)! Its AWESOME thanks again!

    1. says: Michelle

      YOUR WELCOMEEEEEEEEE! and THANKS FOR WATCHING 🙂 I really can’t wait to see the looks that you come up with!

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