Military Spiked Pumps!

i know this outfit looks like i am about to step up like channing tatum, but you won’t see me battle dancing anytime soon.

Military Spiked Pumps

there are some few moves i can do, but pretty sure you won’t see me starring in the next movie. what would they call the next one, cause you know there will be another one. they will never end, just like bring it on and the fast and the furious.

anywho, onto what this blog is really about, another outfit of the day! woohoo 🙂

military spiked pumps b

about this outfit:

pumps: red kiss jada camouflage spiked pumps ~ gift

hat: spiked hat ~ wet seal

jeans: black skinny jeans (side note, i love these pants. they are next level comfy and really soft) ~ burlington coat factory

tee: perfume top ~ thrift store find

lipstick: milani 24 black cherry ~ cvs

earrings: big gold hoops ~ target

necklace ~ cupkake gold necklace ~ etsy

hit the play button below to see this comfy and sexy snapback look i was rocking with only just some lipstick on my lips.

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