Cleanin’ Out My Closet | Organizing My Closet

Hey Sweeties,

This project is long overdue and I am glad to say that it is finally completed!!! This was something I WAS NOT LOOKING forward to doing, but got my hands dirty and the outcome is fantastic!  When looking at the huge pile scattered throughout my office from what I pulled from the closet, it seemed like it would be impossible to sort through it and organize it. But  anything is possible if you stop procrastinating and just dive in.  So come along for the ride and see how I cleaned and organized my closet.

3 Bin — Burlington a looong time ago

Magnetic board – Amazon

Benzara Elegantly Designed Metal Acrylic 3 Tier Wall Shelf – (Got mine at Home Goods) Wayfair

Sterlite 5 Drawer tutorial COMING SOON!


Stay Sweet Sweeties







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