Cupkake In Pumps Top 5: $10 & Under Eye Shadows

Great Eye Shadows that are all under $10.00!

Cupkake In Pumps Top  Eyeshadows

You don’t always have to spend the big bucks to look Glamorous!!!

SheaMoisture Wet Dry Eyeshadow Pan

What a beautiful color for only $4.99, plus they have 9 other colors to choose from!


NYX Infinite Shadow Stick Blackout

Super awesome waterproof eye shadow pencil and liner that doesn’t smudge, crease or fade. Just apply it directly to your lids and blend with your fingers or a brush!


Forever 21 Frosted Eye Shadow

A classic eye shadow featuring a 24K frosted finish!


Eddie Funkhouser Hyperreal Eye Shadow Goldie

The ultimate gold eye shadow featuring ultra smooth blend-ability for a silky application that lasts for hours!


NYX Eye Shadow Adorable Pallette

Let’s get Adorable for only $7.49!


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