Cute Ways TO Wear A Bandana

the other day, my cousin, chonita (@dodreamon) was texting me throw back pictures of when she went to high school.  after scrolling through a few pictures, i saw her rocking some bandanas, which brought back so many childhood memories.  i use to have them in every color and would wear them just like the r&b music group tlc, with my hair down, in braids or pig tails (tomboy to the fullest).   115366737-2b-tlc_grande

of course, chonita had one in ever color too, so i jokingly said “we should bring them back”.  she laughed and said “no way”…. i told her “there are many other ways to wear them” and that i would send her a few photos of how i like to wear them now.  of course the only bandana i had left was one with what i believe to be chinese letters and not knowing what those symbols really mean or say, stocking up on some new plain ones seemed to be a better solution for me.  bandana’s to me are like the over sized hairbands, they are always getting lost somewhere, never to be found (i have no idea how).

i decided, why not make this into a blog revealing a cuter more updated way of wearing them; and share it with my dreamers too!

on a side note,  i  searched everywhere with no luck of finding bandanas, and the last place i thought i would ever find some was at the gas station… lol

here is my husband’s funny idea on how we should wear them (we were skyping family and got captured).


here are three different looks:

for the first look, i like to pull my hair up into a really messy bun or a clean one. instead of tying it at the back bottom of my neck, i flipped and tied up at the top.  then taking the two pieces that stick out at the top and tucking them under the bandana. this look, looks even cuter on shorter hair!


for this second look, i am going all duck dynasty. hair down and bandana wrapped around my forehead and tied at the back of my head.  i have to be honest here and say i look waaaaaay better then willie. lol


for the third and final look, i like to wear it just like the first look but with my hair down and the top pieces not tucked in.


which one was you favorite look? how do you like to wear yours?



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