SHEIN Stationary Haul | First Impression

Hello! I wanted to share a little more about this haul after editing the video and storing my stickers with some of the items I got. This was my first reaction and most of my feelings are the same just want to add more details on some of the items. Also after watching the video, I feel like I was 50/50 with the items still making me feel that at this time I won’t be purchasing from SHEIN but may change my mind in the future. Ok, let me get started the little Clear File Folders are great, and at first, didn’t really care for the string but when opening the others the string stayed in place unlike the first one where it came off completely. Even though these are great Amazon does have better options! The bottle pack again was random and not my style they are good quality, I was confused by them at first and now think they are shaving products. Now going back to the site I see that the Clear Card Holder would be better for tags etc, but not for stickers the plastic is too slippery. Maybe I will get use out of them after all! With the very last pink stickers they are really cute like I said but they arent the best print and after filming I noticed the very few that were bigger are not stickers and are very thin. I will go ahead an link the items below along with the envelopes from Amazon I recently purchased.


1pc Clear File Folder

Amazon Alternative: Alternative 5×7 Small Plastic Envelopes

1pc Random Color Binder Clip

1box Food Print Sticker My Favorite

50pcs Mixed Pattern DIY Sticker MY 2nd FAVORITE (Best Quality)

1pc Clear Card Holder

55pcs Mixed Pattern Sticker

6sheets Plants Print Sticker

1pc Random Mini Clear Cover Notepad

46pcs 1 Box Vintage Pattern Sticker

46pcs Landscape Pattern Random Sticker

4sheet Moonlight Print Random Sticker

46sheets Random Sticker

10pcs Random Hollow Material Paper & 10pcs Sticker

40sheets Random Decoration Sticker

15pcs Hot Stamping Random Sherlock Holmes (Now I see these are hot stamping which is something new to me and will be interesting to learn how to use.)

15pcs Lace Pattern Random Sticker I guess these were small but I really wanted the circle ones… still pretty.

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