(DIY) Salad Shake Jars (Fast Healthy Food)

the wifey looked on line and came up with this awesome idea for a quick healthy meal/snack throughout the week.

i usually make breakfast in the morning before heading out to the office, but are lunch menu has not been that healthy lately.

we are both on a great work out plan (shawn t and weight bench for me), and the results are great!

the only thing is i felt i am simply now at the point where i am just working off the crap i eat for lunch.

my job is a bit crazy at times, and lots of times i have to gobble down whatever i can when i can, so she decided to make us shake salads for the week.

first thing i though, was “this is not going to last a week!”, low and behold, on day 5 it was just as fresh as day 1 – here’s how to do it.

grab you ball jar out the cabinet (if you don’t have any you can get them from walmart of meijers (12 for 10 bucks).

start by cutting your lettuce – shred it as good as you can.

now grab your favorite dressing – we both love italian so that what we will be using in this tutorial

next add the desired amount of dressing to the jar as pictured below (dressing must go in the jar first!)

now that we have our desired amount of dressing, its time to add some goodies.  below you will see michelles starter, she makes more of a fruit salad and i use mainly vegtables.  she sliced some strawberries and added it on top of dressing.

i preffer tomatoes for my first topping.

instead of slicing tomatoes, michelle picked up these mini tomatoes to keep them fresh for the week.

the next step will be to add some meats if you like.  we decided to add both turkey and ham to our shake jars.

the easy way was for her to first grab two peices of one of the meats, roll in it a cigar shape, and slice down the middle, next was to apply the cross cut to get bits and peices of the meat to insert in the shake jar  (that probably sounded very confusing…… just cut the meat up good =)

once your done cutting

its time to “drop it like its hot!”   for thoese that have no idea what my pun meant, simply grab your meat and apply it to the shake jar as follows!

now just go all in, grab what ever you love,

we both added cheese to ours!

she likes raw carrots, i hate them, but i do love me some banana peppers.  i was going to add some pickels but i was all out =(

now its time to add your lettuce.  we added the lettuce you see above in the begining, and also this pictured below along with some spinich.

the important factor here

is to make sure your lettuce does not touch your dressing, this is what makes your salad go bad!  this is why we added it first and basically built a barrier up to the lettuce.

there you have it, your healthy fast food sald shake jars are locked and loaded.  all you have to do it toss them in the fridge and grab one out on your way to work.  and when its time to eat , (shake it up) and enjoy!


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