Giada De Laurentiis’ Kitchen Tools!

how come every time you go into target, you come out with stuff you never intended to buy?

this happen to me a few weeks ago when i had to go and buy some dog food for toni.  for some reason my feet started moving towards the kitchen section and next thing i knew my basket was filled with giada de laurentiis’ tools.  all i saw was clearance!

i meant to go back and get more, but i got so busy….

here are the items and prices: (what also caught my eye was that they were red and that is the color off some of my appliances, pots and pans, and kitchen tools)

kitchen tools (3)

mix bowl set: $13.98

meat thermometer: $6.98

spoonula: $3.48

spatula: $3.48

meat tenderizer: $6.98

garlic press: $6.98

tongs: $6.98

basting brush: $4.18

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