Do It Yourself: Spinning Nail Polish (Cupcake) Stand ❤

i had so much fun making my diy jewelry stand, that i knew i wanted to make another to display my nail polishes.

in the past when it was time to paint my nails, it was difficult to search for my desired color because they were all stored/combined in a large box. once i created the jewelry stand, i knew this would be a hit for me.  no more nail investigation, rolling out the crime scene tape, because that specific polish i’m looking for, seemed to disappear from large box.   as the project pieced together in my mind i thought…. “wouldn’t it be awesome if this new hybird stand would spin! – bam!”

nail rack 5

my favorite part about this whole project was finding good deals for the pieces i wanted. i got to hit up the local thrift shops (salvation army, good will) and stores like (tj maxx, marshalls and other discounted outets). my first visit to the dollar tree was an unsuccessful one, i was unable to find all the pieces needed to create my vision – so this is now going to be a (lovely adventure –in my best english accent). this got me to thinking that the dt (dollar tree) isn’t my best option for this master piece, lets go thrifting. believe it or not, thrifting is a very lucrative hobby of mines.  this started in michigan when my mother-in-law and i would go multiple times a week before hubby, toni and i decided to move a million miles away.  every weekend i would dart over to my mil’s (mother in law) house, knock on the door and shout “early bird gets the worm”.  gosh i really miss those days….. it’s time to tell the hubby (we need to have a road trip back to michigan).

nail rack 1

when i walked into the sa ( salvation army) i was looking for a base strong enough to support the lazy susan. low and behold, on a shelf were two big, strong, awesome looking candle holders waiting for me, (looking back i should have gotten both of them)… we live and we learn…right? while i was stalking the shelves, i came across this big frosted plate that had these fancy decorative little silver balls all around it. it was a unique piece that was priced at 4.99 and it was a little bit more then i was planning on spending. when i got home i couldn’t get the plate off my mind, thinking that someone else would snatch it up, i knew i had to go back. i went back right away but of course it was closed at 7:00pm so, first thing tomorrow morning i’lll be the first customer of the day! once the doors opened, i had my mind focused on the location i had last seen it, like a rocket locked on its target. i went straight to where i left the plate and i could not find it, which put me in panic mode (what the hell is this lost rocket going to do now?). after more careful observation, i noticed it was tucked under several other plates – like it was being stashed for someone else to come and get it later. my mil always tells me “when you see something you really like, you better get it or you won’t ever see it again.” lesson learned!

nail rack 6

nail rack 2

next i had to go searching for a medium size plate and some pieces for the stand. and searching i did… i hit up the sa again, the goodwill (where i did end up buying two awesome drinking glasses for the stand), ross and finally tj maxx where i found the perfect plate. i have to mention this, tj maxx has a clearance aisle that looks like a tornado came through and just threw everything on the shelf. make sure to search the aisle very carefully or you will miss an item that could work for you. i didn’t find what i was looking for until the second trip down the aisle when i noticed this white plate. i glanced at the bottom to reveal the price and the red tag was marked down to only $1.00. while inspecting the tag closer it said the plate had a chip that was tiny, you can barely tell its even there. it’s one of those iddy bitty infractions that only sherlock holmes himself would point out. i took it to the front of the store where the nail polish was located, grabbed a few bottle to throw on top in order to get a better idea of how the final outcome could look after creating my new stand. not only was the minor kink in the plate unnoticeable, but the creation to my new stand is finally coming alive. its mine! here’s your buck!

nail rack 3

as of now i am only short a few more pieces to complete the project, so i hit up the dollar tree again and grabbed the third and smallest plate for the top, some bows to add a pop to the glasses, and a candle holder to use as a handle for the very top (my cherry on top). even though my first trip didn’t work out to well for me; “they always say everything happens for a reason”, and because of this – my project came out perfect!

nail rack 4


this wasn’t mentioned in the video, but when buying the cement glue from the dollar tree, make sure you buy more then one, or you may be stuck having to buy one from the cvs that works but dries looking like yellow monster snot. it all worked out for me because you can’t see the parts that i had to glue that claims it dries clear…

i would have said  all of this in the video, but then it would have been 30 minutes of talking and that is why i have this awesome blog… so if you want to just skip reading all of that, go ahead and click the play button below, for a step by step tutorial.

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