How I Groom My Dog From Home

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Hello Sweeties!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  I wanted to put this piece together to show you how to save some money and also get in some quality time with your best friend (i’m not talking chocolate or the husbands platinum visa card either, i’m talking about the furry little one that cuddles with us late at night).

This is the first time we have had a dog in our family – and i am blessed to have toni as part of this family for 6 years now and counting.  having a dog is almost like having a child, it needs attention….all day long!  we can’t just up and leave on a family trip, because toni will set the reminder “where the heck do you think you’re going?  or – did you make sure this trip consist of a pet friendly hotel?  or – make sure my expensive doggie sitter will be available, that i won’t let sleep at night until you get back and then you will have to interview and find another for the next trip you attempt to take without me!”.

You catch my drift, now let’s get back to the subject folks!

The first few years with toni in the family we would visit the local groomers (mainly consisting of large retail chains – i won’t mention any names).  visiting these places were very cheap, but the overall service (according to toni) was barking horrible!  you get what you pay for!  these place only care for a quick buck, they hire some teen, still in high school, who has never had a pet, and only cares for the next text message or facebook like over the quality of treatment you pet will receive.

For instants, we took toni to (as i said, i won’t mention names – we will just call this place pet ‘stupid’ – because the 2nd part is for you if you take your pet here for grooming).  the girl chewing her bubble gum, steering at the clock every 20 seconds, waiting for her lunch break, smiled and told us to pick toni up in an hour.  so we parted ways with toni and did some shopping at the store next door.  an hour passes, hubby and i go to pick toni up – lo and behold, she still was not done;  we seen her sitting in a kennel with a look on her face in my mind that resembled “why the heck am i locked up in her to watch these teens torture other doggies?” .  now the new customer service rep said “give us 30 more minutes and toni will be spic and span”.  my first thought “wtf?  she’s not a pot”, but my response “ok, we will come back”.

After 30 more minutes which felt like 2 hours, because we had nothing to do but sit in the parking lot and people watch, we finally get back inside to see a little doggie that looks similar to toni being smothered by two workers.  one tall pimple face guy, slightly malnutrition looking, struggle to hold the majority of the dog, while this tatted up cross between courney love and edward scissors hand looking lady was holding a towel (applied pressure) on this poor doggies paw.  pimple face turned and said “oh, there you are!  sometimes this happens, the nails get cut and the paw bleeds a bit… or a lot, she will be ready in a few.”  my response “that’s fine, but we are here to pick up toni!”.  pimple face reply; “this is toni”.   now i’m heated – “wtf did you do to my dog.  i said a little off the top and now my dog looks like a cancer patient” with the pink bow they could barely attached to the few strands of hair they did leave.   i sent her here to get groomed not cemo! not only that, but she has blood gushing out her paw.  my poor baby!

Never again!  here’s your $30.00 bucks! and i won’t be back again!

At any rate, i can go on forever, please watch the tutorial below and see how to care for your pet the proper way yourself and save a ton of money in the process.  why spend $30.00 bucks a month $360.00 a year, for your loved one to be tortured by minimal waged paid teens, whose more interested in trending twitter topics, then your helpless pet left in their care.

You will thank me later!  let toni’s torture increase your pet bonding time and wallet yearly.

here are some key points in the grooming process to focus on.


  • Always cut the hair above your fingers, as you will see in the video below
  • Dogs don’t like the closing sound of scissors upon their fur, so drown it out with the running water or some music in the background.
  • Be sure to keep the water a warm temperature and have a cup handy just in case you don’t have a retractable hose.


Let’s get started!

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