Rapunzel Drawing + Chat – The girl with the really really long hair!

Since I haven’t uploaded a drawing video in almost a year I didn’t realize I already gave a more detailed history of my drawing on that video The Girl With The Braid. I have been drawing for the past year and decided now to start following my journey by making more videos to see my progress. This video is more to challenge myself and to get out of my comfort zone by using some colored pencils from Costco, which you can also get from Amazon (Not affiliated with either company). Sorry for repeating myself but if you do watch The Girl With The Braid video, the post has a more detailed story CLICK HERE. Original artwork by David Glison.

48 Colored pencils – AMAZON Link

It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t allow FEAR to become a part of you life. Please don’t waste your talent, start today, it is never to late!!!

P.S. Don’t put anything off, “START NOW”, “Procrastination is the Grave in which Opportunity is Burred”

I hope you guys enjoy the video!

Stay Sweet Sweeties







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