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This post means something really special to me and I wanted to share my journey of the drawing.  It all started when I was 16 my mother decided to by me art supplies when she saw realized I enjoyed drawing Mickey mouse on everything  (napkins, notebooks etc). By the way my obsession with Mickey was crazy back then, Mickey shoes, blankets, clothes etc lol. My Mickey Mouse drawings were great and he was easy to draw, then came tiger and a few other Disney characters I admired.  I was really into it – than hanging out with friends  become more important and the art supplies just sat there collecting dust along with all my drawings, which are now long gone.  Till this day a little bit of anger builds inside me because they were tossed away with no care in the world…. but I did care. It was just an empty part of me that I was passionate about that didn’t rekindle for some odd reason.

Until a few weeks back the drawing bug bit me and something just said buy some pencils and I did! At first I drew a few things, which you can see on my Instagram on some dollar store paper making me really impressed with the outcome.  Feeling so good, the next thing was to go to Ebay fill my cart up with better pencils and paper (which also had some really great reviews with some great prices as well).  To get some inspiration Google was right there to help me and she filled my laptop up with so many drawing ideas.  My first “Face/hair” drawing  is from the wonderful @itslopez,  who is an amazing artist, please make sure to check her out for inspiration. Everybody has there own unique way of drawing and my way is to look at the artwork and draw from it free hand.  It is amazing to me when artist can draw from the mind with nothing to look at but a thought. I know one day my time will come, but for now I will continue to practice my technique and keep learning. (After I get in my 10,000 hours)

I use to always say “I can’t draw, I cant do that, that person is amazing they are so talented, I wish I was as talented as they are”.  That made me hold myself back so much from drawing because of FEAR and comparing my current skills VS their skills.

When starting this drawing fear instantly came through my body like it was going to posses me, but fighting through it by picking up that pencil helped me get over it.  I have to be honest, drawing the hair was really hard, but I did it and I am so proud of myself for the outcome.  “WHO GON STOP ME NOW?” – Kanye West

Its amazing what you can do when you don’t allow FEAR to become a part of you life.  Please don’t waste your talent, start today, it is never to late!!!  Up next, two girls… wish me luck!

P.S. Don’t put anything off, “START NOW”, “Procrastination is the Grave in which Opportunity is Burred”

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Girl W B 2

I hope you guys enjoy the video!

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