Turn Your Can’ts Into Cans!

I love this quote: “Turn Your Can’ts Into Cans And Your Dreams Into Plans”. It holds so much knowledge.


When I was younger, I had a learning disability and would tell myself “YOU CAN’T” or was told by others.  This was my fear, that I was not smart enough, so if I’m not smart enough… Why even try? WRONG! Don’t ever let a learning disability cripple you, do not use it as an excuse, but use it to challenge yourself.  When I started challenging myself the world became different and following my dreams seemed possible.  Whatever your fear is, kick it to the curb and tell yourself you CAN.


Don’t ever let anyone tell you, “YOU CAN’T”. Those same people are just projecting their fears on to you. They don’t want to see you succeed because deep down they wish they could follow their dreams. Fear is contagious. Don’t let their fears become yours…

There are so many inspirational stories where people were told they can’t. You know what they did, they showed themselves and others they CAN!

This takes time, but trust me the less you use the word can’t it will be easier to say you can.  Don’t let this word be so powerful in your life!!!!


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