Everything Happens For A Reason!

This is one my favorite sayings!

Everything Happens for a reason

It hold so much weight in those words, from when you truly feel like the world is crashing all around you.  Just know everything happens for a reason and that whatever you are going through will lead you to where you need to be.

I have had a few times  where I broke down and cried, because to me it felt like my world was ending.  What I learned is that whatever I was going through, it just built me stronger for the next phase of my life.

There are never any failures, only lessons.

The lesson I learned is that just because one thing doesn’t work out it, doesn’t mean everything else is going to crumble to pieces.  Say you get fired from a job, the next one may be your dream job.  Maybe that last job wasn’t all that bad it was just to show you to appreciate and love your new dream job.  You may even bring different things to the table that you learned from that other job. You may have to have 50 different jobs like I have, but it just helped me realize that I work better for myself.  There were many times my parents probably worried I wouldn’t find my way in life. But I did and I am here to let you know that when one door closes another really does open.  It may not be tomorrow or next year but trust me there is a plan for all of us and we are just headed in the direction we need to be.

You may be going through some tough times right now and you may feel like things will never get better, well it will and just trust it is happening for a reason.  There is a light at the end of your tunnel and you will come out of it stronger then ever!


Cupkake In Pumps

Photo taken by My Hubby!

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