Which The Walking Dead Character Are You Cupkake & Mad Hitman?

Which Walking Dead Character Are You?

I don’t know why I find Zombies so fascinating, maybe because they could be real unlike Vampires or Werewolves. I have seen a lot of Zombie movies, even watched some while rolling my eyes at how not scary and corny they were.

When hearing about how great The Walking Dead comic books were, I knew I had to read them. I fell in love with the series even before it became the HIT TV show that it is now. When hearing they were making the TV show, it made me so happy. “You mean to tell me we get a Zombie TV show!!!!!” So the hubs and I tuned in for the first season and have been hooked ever since. Some people complain that there aren’t enough Zombies on the show, but I believe the show is more about how humans would survive.  Like would they do anything to survive, slowly go crazy or turn evil etc.

We are enjoying every minute of the show and thought it would be fun to take the “Which The Walking Dead Character Are You?”.

We both were surprised at our results….

So hit play below to see which The Walking Dead Character Are You Cupkake & Mad Hitman? and to get a good laugh:

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