Fitness With Cupkake In Pumps!

hey dreamers!

see your goal (1)

today i’m going to show you a motivational diy project that is so simple and effective.

seeing this idea on pinterest inspired me to incorporate this into my workout plan, and now i want to share it with you all in hopes that it will be a great motivational tool.

here’s what you will need

  • clear glass jars
  • permanent markers
  • marbles or stones

your local dollar store should have several selections of various marbles or flat stones (generally used for gardening), along with permanent markers of all colors. for the jars – i decided to get creative and use the old ones my hubby had stashed in the garage.  luckily we had one ball jar along with an old spaghetti jar he had insisted we would eventually need.  a flashback of me telling him to “stop collecting jars and recycle them” comes to mind… now i have to swallow my pride and say, “i guess you were right….again!”.


lets get started!


grab that permanent marker to write whatever your want on the jars. this can range from and inspiration quote, motivation, goals or whatever you like.  if you make a mistake, just grab some nail polish remover, wipe it off and start over.  ha!  so much for permanent huh?  

this idea is way better then getting on the scale and seeing a number that will just be a  disappointment.  i started with 21 marbles and now down to 7, which makes me feel absolutely great about my journey thus far!  looking at my jars everyday makes me feel so proud that i have “exterminated”(in my doctor who dalek voice) 14 pounds!

see your goal (2)


the 1st jar consist of my challenge for myself, which is to get into “dem jeans”, adding all the weight i need to lose in that jar.  the second jar consist of the pounds i have lost to make that goal come true!  empty 2nd jar = goal accomplished!

what is your goal or challenge?

seeing your goal is such powerful thing, and if this isn’t your cup of tea, how about creating a fitness dream board.  trust me, these ideas will go a long way into keeping you positive about reaching your goals.  the important thing is to start somewhere!  tell yourself “you can do it!”,  i believe in you!  you can!

feel it, imagine it, be fit!!!!!!!!!!


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