Get Smoothie Ready!

this is how i get smoothie ready.

i take one day about every two weeks and cut up different selections of fruits i bought from the grocery.  this saves so much time when getting ready to make a smoothie.  after cutting all the fruit up, they are placed in some tiny freezer bags to be frozen.  personally, i like my fruit frozen, they will last longer and it eliminates having to use ice.  of course if you like yours even colder you can still add the ice.

lets get started:

the fruit i will be using this time (i like to get what is on sale) is strawberries, kiwi, mango, and bananas.

get smoothie ready (1)

first open and line up as many  little frozen bags that you want to fill with fruit.  these bags were purchased from the dollar tree (50 for $1.00)!

get smoothie ready (2)

starting with the strawberries, cut them up and place them evenly in the bags.  well i try to place them evenly, but it is ok if some have more the others. lol

get smoothie ready (3)

get smoothie ready (4)

following the step above for the rest of the fruit.  i forgot to take the picture of the kiwi, but i only got to use two because the third was rotten…  never had kiwi in my smoothie before, so that is why there was only three.  having made a smoothie with the kiwi before posting this, it tasted really good.  one more thing, i always like to cut the bananas last. why? because they brown so much quicker then the other fruit.  they still brown a little when frozen so you can do the following:

  • lemon juice
  • orange juice
  • tinned pineapple juice
  • tinned or fresh grapefruit juice
  • lime juice
  • apple juice
  • vinegar and ascorbic acid (aka vitamin c) work, too. however, vinegar is so sour it needs to be used incredibly sparingly. ascorbic acid (in powder form) can be found in most supermarkets’ produce sections. or, if you’re in a pinch, a ground-up vitamin c tablet works as well.
  • then take the juice you choose and sprinkle it over the sliced bananas.

now that the bags are filled and sealed shut, i like to separate them into two large frozen bags. why? just for the added protection, plus it helps with separation of mine from the hubs. he doesn’t like mangos…. crazy i know lol

that is it!!!  stick them in the freezer, cause you are smoothie ready. 🙂

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