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hey dreamerssss!

i wanted to share my fitness journey with you guys and let you know to never give up no matter how hard it may seem.

when i was younger, playing sports from soccer to basketball, always kept me in shape and healthy. as i grew older, the lazier i got. starting a workout and never finishing it… plus, i hate working out, to me that was the enemy.

until my weight hit 156, that’s when depression hit and i knew something had to be done. i was so unhappy, never weighing over 135 my whole life. my poor husband had to hear “i am so fat” and “i hate my body”, until one day he says “if you are unhappy then you need to do something about it”.

even after hearing these words my journey to being fit was still not easy…. i thought p90x was going to solve all my problems. working out for a few months, doing all these crazy workouts, body sore and can barley walk and still no pounds lost. i quit and this became a habit… workout to all these crazy videos and no pounds lost. then one day my husband said would you like to run with me! i really didn’t want to because i hate running more then workout videos. i thought i was going to pass out after running our first mile, i convinced myself that i never want to run again unless someone is chasing me with a knife trying to kill me.

i realized there has to be a better way for me, so i decided to start off slow and build my endurance up. starting off, for two months with shaun t’s hip hop abs workout. this workout is so much fun and for me was a great starter because i didn’t feel like i was working out. then for 3 months, i worked out with @keairalashae (superherofitnesstv) on youtube. keaira’s workouts are even more fun then shawn t’s and she makes you feel like you are working out with a friend. with keaira you are going to do a lot of fun booty and dancing workouts, she also has challenges you can try to incorporate fun and excitement. you will sweat, laugh and have a blast.

finally the weight started dropping, the best part was not being able to weight myself for months due to the scale breaking. even with the absence of the scale, i knew results were showing because all of my clothes were entirely too big.

now that the weight was coming off, i wanted to try a different workout, something a little more challenging. next up for me was working out with cassey from blogilates on youtube for about a month. cassey has over 200 workout videos and almost all of them are tough, crazy fun. during her workouts, i would say to myself “is this bish trying to kill me”. cassey also has monthly challenges where she creates a calendar full of her workouts that you can follow.

the reason i only worked out with cassey for a month was because i knew i was ready to workout with my hubby. it is always extremely exciting when you have a partner to workout with.

hubby has finally replaced the scale and its time for the moment of truth! drum roll……….. 144 lbs!!!!! so many awesome feelings and thoughts were racing through my mind. this journey hasn’t been easy for me, but i stuck with it and i see the results. i feel better and have more confidence! in 6 months i lost 12 pounds!!!! let me add to this a little, some may be thinking only 12lbs in 6 months! if you want to loose more, push harder, i am happy with the 2lbs a month average, had the scale been work, it could have discouraged me from pressing forward, but what i learned is to never stop moving towards your goals in life! eliminate anything that will stop or slow you down!

hubby and i started working out for a few months to different videos on youtube. this is where we found jillian micheals and tried her workouts for a few months. she wasn’t really challenging us and i wasn’t losing any pounds.

even though i didn’t see results, i did not give up. that wasn’t working for me, i will try something new that will.


for the past two weeks i have been working out with shaun t’s focus 25. this workout is tough, but not so tough that it would make me want to quit. it is only 25 minutes, and in that time he provides a results based, great workout. i feel so great and refreshed after those 25 minutes. the best part is, i lost another 2 pounds!!!!!!!!!!

if you have a goal, don’t ever give up on it or yourself! you can do it! you are strong! you will reach your goal!

i have decided to write about fitness on my blog because i hear so many people say “i don’t have time” or “it is to hard”. to those people i just want to say that you can find 25 minutes in your day and you can do anything you put your mind to. my hubby wakes up at 3:30am, hits the road at 4:30am, drives 68 miles to the office, works an 8 hour day, drives 68 miles back, 25 min workout, than works 4 hours on clients website and advertising material and still has time to read, relax before doing it all over again! don’t say it’s hard, say it is easy and i can do this. take one day at a time and put 100% into any workout you do, whether it is taking a walk or doing p90x. do your best 🙂

let’s stay fit together! i will be posting on here, facebook and instagram with daily fitness quotes. i will also be posting smoothie recipes as soon as i get my nutri bullet.

my goal is 135, what is yours?

i also have a pair of jeans i fit into when i was 135, so i am calling my challenge the get into dem jeans (pic of the jeans below).

get in dem jeans

always remember to keep on dreaming!!!!

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