“She believed she could so she did” Canvas Art

i wanted to hang some art up in my make-up room along the long bare wall, so i decided instead of buying something, i would create my own.

i love the quote “she believed she could so she did”, and i knew i wanted this in my room, so i decided to purchase some canvas’, scrapbook paper and  of course i used my friend ‘cricut’ to make my letters.

and bam!  i brought my inspiration to life!

the supplies:

artist’s loft 2 pack value canvas 12×12 $7.99 – purchased at michael’s on sale buy one get one free + i had a $5.00 off coupon = $3.17

artist’s loft 2 pack value canvas 8×10 $5.99 – purchased at michael’s on sale buy one get one free + $5.00 off coupon = $1.05

scrapbook paper purchased at michael’s = $5.00

art minds decoupage gloss finish $5.99 = purchased at michael’s $5.00 off coupon = $1.05

project total: $10.27

first i lined up the paper on the canvas’:

next i cut my quote using my cricut:

then i added the paper to the canvas using the gloss decoupage glue, one light layer on the canvas and then on the back of the paper.   next i added the words onto the canvas and then placed a smooth layer of glue over the letters right away.

finally introduced a layer of glue on the other canvas’, giving it a glossy look and preventing it from peeling off.


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