Very Pretty Front Door Wreath

my mother use to always make wreath’s for her doors and they would come out so beautifully and i never imagined myself making one until i saw the one below on pin from and got totally inspired:

so i made a trip to my micheals and bought the wreath, letter and butterfly. i decided to hit up the dollar tree next door to see if they had any flowers i could use and to my surprise they did. so i bought the carnations which were hidden in the other flowers so i had to go hunting for them.  and this is how my wreath was created:

the supplies ~

i started with the carnations by cutting them off the stem, bustling them and holding them together with the wire (but when i was on the yellow one’s i learned you don’t need it, just hold them together and push them through). then i bent the stems on the back into the wreath and they are holding very well:

next i made the ribbon and secured it on there with some thin silver ribbon:

then i added the yellow carnations the same way i did with the white, minus using the wire:

finally, i tied the butterfly onto the b with some silver ribbon (of course you can use a glue gun, i didn’t want to use mine) and then i added the b to the wreath with wire:

my very pretty wreath:

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